The SkyWriters Create SkyTyping

This form of Sky Advertising is computer generated utilizing 5 aircrafts that fly information. Each character is completed in less than 4 seconds and visible for anyone to read up to a 15 mile radius Up to 25 characters per sky advertisement.

ONLY 2 FLEETS in the WORLD that create these kinds of messages! Want 100% exclusivity? You can own it here!

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Single airplane creating HUGE art, signs, words in the sky!

This form of advertising or personal message is created with a single airplane.
There are only 5 professional Skywriters that exist in the World that can do Skywriting. Their all here!

It's takes years of experience and practice to create these spectacular skywriting signs. Each letter taking up to 90 seconds to create each letter. Generally you can see up to 3 to 7 letters visible at once.

What to Expect from the unexpected?

This form of mobile advertising is interactive, captivating, offers excellent recall, and easily targeted (Stadium, Beaches, Concerts, Sporting Events, etc..) and always has the WOW factor after each ad. Considering each ad is 5 miles long and visible up to a 15 mile radius.

Where on earth does print, radio, television or the Internet capture your audiences attention up to 7 to 10 minutes. Skywriting and Skytyping advertising keeps your audience attentions, while they are taking videos and pictures, sharing your messages on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram? Talk about a huge social media buzz. You will get here. Guaranteed!