Ready to make a HUGE IMPACT with your advertising?

Whether you are targeting just one very special person or want to reach an audience of thousands, AERIAL ADVERTISING provides EXCELLENT return on your investment.

Advertising in the sky has BIG advantages

This form of mobile outdoor advertising is interactive, captivating, offers superb recall, is easily targeted (stadiums, beaches, concerts, sporting events, corporate meetings, etc.) and always has the “WOW!” factor after each ad.

Choose between skywriting, skytyping, custom billboards, cost-effective sky banners, LED night signs, or drone services.

The Skywriters will help you select the right format for your project.


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“I’ve worked with a lot of advertising formats over the years, but nothing measures up to huge skywriting and digital skytyping advertisements. When it comes to visibility, 100% exclusivity, excellent recall, interactivity, low CPM (cost per thousand), and measurable return on investment, aerial advertising is your all-in-one solution! Plus, that huge social media buzz that happens on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube when your messages are blasted all over the internet is worth its weight in gold!”

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Aerial advertising, skytyping, skywriting, banners, billboards, night signs and drone services with local airplanes available world wide.