Sky advertising and skywriting makes a lasting impression

This form of mobile outdoor advertising is interactive, fun to watch, offers excellent recall among the target audience, attracts the attention of a crowd (stadiums, beaches, concerts, sporting events, corporate meetings, etc.) and always has people saying, “WOW!†after they see it

Choose between skywriting, skytyping, custom billboards, cost-effective sky banners, or LED night signs. The Skywriters will help you select the right format for your project.

Sky Advertising FAQ

What are some of the benefits of aerial advertising?
Aerial advertising, a form of out-of-home advertising, offers the benefits of excellent recall among your target audience, 100% exclusivity, and is the largest advertising form in the world. You can make such a huge impact (literally), that people will remember your skywriting message for the rest of their lives.

What happens if it rains or is cloudy on the day of my aerial event?
There will be a weather briefing, a few days prior to your event date. If weather plays an issue your aerial event will be rescheduled for a different day and time that works better for you.

How high will the banner or billboard fly?
Aerial billboards and banners fly at an elevation of 1000’ above the tallest building inland and 500’ over water.

How high will the skywriting plane or skytyping fleet be performing?
Our skywriting teams fly at an elevation of 10,000’ with letters as tall as the Empire State Building and messages 5 miles long.

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