The Skywriters has worked on some creative marketing projects, including Katy Perry’s new album release “RISEâ€. Hired by Capital Records to target San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York City, New Orleans and all on the same day! Yes it can be done!

Within an hour, social media blew up and millions of views, pictures, were blasted all over Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and more!

The Skywriters has worked with numerous recording artists to promote new albums or singles. Let us give you some ideas for an impressive launch and put our creativity to work for your upcoming release.

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Cristina Jacuzzi
President & Event Producer

The Skywriters – Skytyping, Skywriting, Sky Banners & Night Drone Shows

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Aerial advertising, skytyping, skywriting, banners, billboards, night signs and drone services with local airplanes available world wide.

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