Looking for a new and exciting way to promote your product, company, or brand? Think Drone Light Shows!

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The start of using drones to create light shows and innovative advertising opportunities is happening right here. Now logos, signs, and nighttime creative advertising performances can dance in the sky with music choreographed to meet your needs and specifications.

Our team of software developers is able to execute custom drone shows in less than 2 weeks. The Drones used have the capability to fly in 25 MPH winds assuring you an even greater successful drone mission. Performances can range from 25 to 500 drones. Showtimes can be expanded from a one-image show to a show using hundreds of images.

Drone light shows advertising is a growing and excellent method to take your message and event theme to a whole new level.

A red and blue soccer ball on top of the world cup logo.

A red and blue soccer ball on top of the world cup logo.

A red and blue soccer ball on top of the world cup logo.

A woman standing in front of an airplane.

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