LED Flying Aerial Night Signs perfectly target advertising opportunities that take place anytime a half an hour after sunset. Your LED Flying Night sign will scroll beneath a 36’ to 45′ wingspan of an airplane. It can fly anywhere while targeting and advertising directly over your site and active night crowd.

Get a WOW every time! There are only 6 of these aircraft in the US and expanding.

Advertise your website, concert, night club, radio station, sports event, boat race, or use a personal message for a marriage proposal, Happy Birthday announcement, election, or school function.

Benefits of LED Night Advertising

  • For LED Aerial Night Signs advertising, 300 computer-controlled lights are mounted under the wings of the airplane.
  • Attention-grabbing digital animations such as exploding stars, UFOs, winking eyes, flashing hearts, cars/trucks, flying airplanes and digital logos can be added.
  • LED Night Advertising is a computer-controlled electronic sign displaying messages by flashing or scrolling through your specific text, making, your message highly dynamic and easily modifiable.
  • At night, we can fly over your targeted location—the freeways, beaches, sports complexes, fairgrounds, and/or special events. With our electronic flying sign we can offer ad space over essentially any outdoor event and location.
  • Once airborne, the entire message automatically scrolls beneath the wingspan for maximum effectiveness.

Watch Your Advertising Message Go Viral

LED Digital Night Flying Advertising commands attention, action and excellent recall. It’s available to fly anytime a half an hour after sunset. LED Night sign can go anywhere and can provide exclusivity in any market. Your audience will watch and video this very unique form of advertising. Watch for it to appear on a variety of social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

An LED Flying Night Sign is attention-getting marketing approach. Some of our most popular markets for this night sign advertising include:

Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco

Relocation is available. These signs are targeted and movable over any populated dense area.

A red and blue soccer ball on top of the world cup logo.

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