Skytyping, also known as digital skywriting, is a patented computer-generated technology with massive audience reach.

Skytyping (or digital skywriting) utilizes 5 aircrafts that fly in precise formation, creating each letter in a dot-matrix style. Only 3 fleets in the United States can create these kinds of skytyping (digital skywriting) messages! We also have fleets in Dubai, United Kingdom and China.

This form of outdoor advertising is interactive, captivating, commands massive attention and offers excellent recall. Skytyping is easily targeted and able to reach any location you want, even those locations where banners and billboards might have restrictions set by the Federal Aviation Administration. For example, you can’t fly low with a banner over stadiums, the Superbowl, or airports, but we can do skytyping!

Skytyping is unique because it is done at 10,000′ elevation, where you will own your own advertising sky! You have 100% advertising exclusivity in the air space upon request.

It’s the largest outdoor advertising in the world with massive reach and it creates a HUGE social media buzz every time, wherever it is.

Where else does print, radio, television or the Internet capture your attention for up to 10 minutes? People love this form of outdoor advertising and will remember it for the rest of their lives! They also post it on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, extending your advertising buy and reach.

Advertise in the Sky with Skytyping Messages

Each skytyping message (25 letters) is 5 miles long and each letter is as tall as the Empire State Building, and takes up to 35 million square feet of air space.

Each skytyping message is completed in 2.5 minutes and lasts approximately 5-7 minutes or longer, depending upon the winds.

Each skytyping message is visible up to a 10 to 15 radius miles and can reach an audience of 2 million viewers in less than 1 hour.

Aircraft & Personnel
Your skytyping campaign includes: 5 Aircraft, 5 pilots and 1 computer operator and 1 Media Chase aircraft (upon request) and ground to air operator (upon request).

Skytyping is green advertising – 100% biodegradable too!
100% exclusivity available in your market

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Available worldwide, skywriting uses the only patented, computerized sky advertising technology available.

In the works is our latest development: color skywriting! Call for more details!

Sponsorship Opportunities

With more than 600 air shows in the United States and Canada each year, The Skywriters can build awareness of your brand and target your prime audience at any event year-round.

Our planes can be tricked out with your logo, brand colors, and other visual themes in keeping with your design style.

Keep in mind that this type of sponsorship is both interactive and mesmerizing, providing excellent recall with video-capturing opportunities. Often times, aerial advertising leads to your ads and pictures being viewed on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook giving you free media attention year after year.

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