With skywriting, a single airplane creates huge art or words in the sky! Each character is over a mile high.

This form of advertising or personal message is created with a single airplane. There are only 5 professional skywriters in the US and 2 others worldwide and we can provide you access to all of them.

If you want to create that big WOW factor and make a statement, skywriting offers an exciting chance to bring life and meaning to the sky. Skywriting can be used for short, personal messages, such as weddings, memorial services, birthdays, or custom logos, and more. It takes years of experience and practice to create these spectacular skywriting signs. From hearts, happy faces, X’s, O’s and even short simple logos, we can make it happen. Each letter takes up to 90 seconds to create. Generally you can see up to 3 to 7 letters visible at once, depending upon the winds.

It’s the most amazing thing you will ever see and is always remembered for the rest of your life.

A red and blue soccer ball on top of the world cup logo.

Cristina Jacuzzi
President & Event Producer

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