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Cristina Jacuzzi, President and Event Producer

Cristina has more than 30 years experience in the marketing industry, working with various advertising media including print, radio, TV and outdoor aerial advertising (sky banners, aerial billboards, LED night Signs, drones, skywriting and skytyping).

She is at ease working with celebrities and corporate brand executives as well as individuals and families commemorating life’s milestones: babies, weddings, birthdays, retirement, memorials, and many other occasions. To every project, Cristina brings her friendly, upbeat attitude as well as her in-depth expertise.

Cristina and her team have experience strategically coordinating multiple aerial events to happen simultaneously. Same day, same time, different states, different time zones. Cristina handles much of the air to ground communication on such unique and challenging projects upon request.

Cristina works to understand the message you are conveying, your target audience, your location, and your budget before she makes a custom aerial advertising recommendation. She will help you sort through the possibilities and choose the best option.

I’ve worked with a lot of advertising formats over the years, but nothing measures up to huge skywriting and digital skytyping advertisements. When it comes to visibility, 100% exclusivity, excellent recall, interactivity, low CPM (cost per thousand), and measurable return on investment, aerial advertising is your all-in-one solution! Plus, that huge social media buzz that happens on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube when your messages are blasted all over the internet is worth its weight in gold!

Cristina Jacuzzi
President & Event Producer, The Skywriters, LLC

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The Skywriters – Skytyping, Skywriting, Sky Banners & Night Drone Shows is a woman owned business.

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Cristina Jacuzzi
President & Event Producer

The Skywriters – Skytyping, Skywriting, Sky Banners & Night Drone Shows

Cell: (619) 322-4948
Fax: 855-211-1626

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